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About LabiaPlasty

Labiaplasty is a surgical technique for removing unwanted, enlarged, and unattractive portions of the internal labia (Labia Minora) of a woman’s vagina.

There are two basic surgical techniques to accomplish labiaplasty:

  1. Edge Trimming (this is a process of removing the free edge of each labia in order to reduce the portion showing outside of the Labia Majora);
  2. Wedge Resection (here, a triangular wedge of tissue is excised and the remaining portions are sutured together).

The Wedge Resection technique, in my opinion, is the most valuable and has given my patients a more cosmetic appearance to their vaginas, and at the same time, has improved function since this is the only technique for tightening the opening to the vagina (introitus). The Wedge Technique is very flexible and allows surgeons to have minimal to no scarring and does not lead to over resection.

Clitoral Hood Reduction is an important part of the modern labiaplasty. This is a tricky procedure because if too much is removed, it can make intercourse painful. My favorite technique for this procedure puts the incision well away from the edge of the hood, therefore decreasing the chance for any scarring around the clitoris.

Labiaplasty is becoming a very popular portion of a Mommy Makeover. This surgery can be done along with breast lifts, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and liposuction.

Recovery after labiaplasty is almost painless and very quick. Most of my patients are back to work within three days. The sutures are dissolvable and fall out by seven to ten days, and intercourse is safe and possible at two weeks (but let discomfort be your guide).

Labia Majora:

Labia Majora are the outer or larger lips that surround the Labia Minora. Plastic surgeons can enlarge or reduce the size of the Labia Majora depending on the patient’s desire. Sometimes, women have overly large Labia Majora that take away from the aesthetics of this portion of the body. Reduction in this area can be done by one of two methods. We can liposuction the Labia Majora, and therefore decrease the volume or you can cut out an ellipse of tissue hiding the scar towards the inside of the Labia Majora. Both of these techniques are useful for reducing overly large, unattractive external lips.

Labia Majora augmentation is done with fat grafting. Augmentation is usually done on older women because as one ages, the Labia Majora tends to deflate giving an old, anemic and unattractive look. Fat grafting in this area is relatively simple, quick with a better than 80% take of the transplanted fat cells.